My School

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Making an Important Connection

There are several options when it comes to selecting the best school for your family in Idaho. This page will help connect you to your school of choice in a meaningful way.

Choices in Schools

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Find My School

  • Find Your Idaho School
    The “Idaho Report Card” site offers various search methods to find the nearest Idaho public school, obtain their contact information, and website link. This site also offers data on demographics and academics for each school.

Communicating with My School

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whom to contact when questions, conflicts or issues arise with your child’s school. Here are a few guides that might help you communicate with educational professionals.

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Tip: Idaho is a local control state. This means that most of the policies created to manage your school were set by the elected officials in your school’s community, such as school boards and school committees. This includes content, curriculum, textbooks, worksheets and other educational materials.