Health & Safety

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Having a safe and healthy school experience sets each child up for academic success. This page offers links to various resources that support the well-being of Idaho students. 

  • Are you or your child experiencing a mental health emergency? Please reach out to the Idaho Crisis & Suicide Hotline at (800) 273-8255 to talk or (208) 398-4357 to text, or dial 911

Professionals Available in School

Idaho public schools have staff members on site who are trained to help your child with health and safety concerns.

  • The school counselor fills various needs from counseling to academic coaching. 
  • The school psychologist offers several different services to students from behavioral and mental health to family support. 
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Idaho Department of Education Resources

At the Idaho Department of Education, we want every student to have a safe and healthy school experience. Here are links to resources offered through the department:

Your Community Resources

There are resources available outside of the school setting. You will find links to community resources below:

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Internet Safety

Threats to a student’s health and safety can sometimes come from online platforms. Social media and online gaming can pose a risk to your child. You will find informative, up-to-date guides on social media and gaming safety below:


The safety guides are a project of Legacy Health Endowment, Jeffrey Lewis, President