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Welcome to the Parent Resource for Idaho Public Education! This page offers helpful links and content for the parents and guardians of students in Idaho public schools. It is our goal to keep this site updated and relevant.

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A Quick Word: Focusing on Advanced Opportunities

Here is a recent statement from Superintendent of Public Instruction, Debbie Critchfield, on some of the opportunities available to students in Idaho’s public schools.

The “College & Career” page offers resources and information on Advanced Opportunities.

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This page offers links to resources for families of early learners, families in Special Education, American Indian families, and migrant families.

This page offers support in school choice, locating information about any public school in Idaho, and communicating to school personnel.

This page offers a link to our Idaho State Department of Education Driver Education resource page. Let’s get your young driver safely on the road!

This page offers resources on mental and emotional health from school and community. You will also find informative material on internet safety. 

Do your child’s next steps include college, technical training or career? Find the resources you need to guide them on their path beyond high school.

This page offers links to the latest educational legislation. It also provides links to standards, the Parental Rights Bill, and Empowering Parents program.

If you would like to reach someone at the Idaho State Department of Education, this Contact Guide will help direct your call.